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   Afrique France Nice 2010 video

   Speech: J.Shah CarbonWarRoom
     "Emerging Cleantech - C02"

       | WEATHER UV - HEALTH |
    What's new in CLEANTECH Town ?
  French found out to reverse aging form 100y back

$2bn Electric cars, Renault battery factory Paris
$73bn energy R&D Europe Solar&SmartGrid cities Cleantech READ MORE > .....

Total €uro 1bn Solar

15% Poor in France
  Lighting Africa
 Production Africa


 5 years Capital
 Credit crisis Mgr
 Social Cleantech
 Entrepreneur Ass. 

Riviera MONEY TALK: How to invest in Manufacturing leaving Speculation, creating Green Jobs

 O SIFTech - Future Tech IT (TIC) May 17-19 2011 Algeria Alger............
 O EVER-Monaco eCars Renewables Expo MAR 31- APRIL 3rd Monaco 2011........
 O CLEANEQUITY MONACO 2011 MAR 3-4 2011 Monaco............................

Create Jobs - create Manufaturing SMEs / PME (Small Medium enterprises) Banks got bailout 


(c) 2107RF#AP06 Electronet Lighting Africa, electrobox, MyP4 disclosed EU-DER 

EventsVideoNews by Agropark featuring Social Cleantech Entrepreneurs Europe - Africa
Special: Agropark Assoc. in France temporary represented Int'l by E4YOU
Unclear situation for environment movement France after Nicolas Hulot left under protest "grenelle environnement"

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