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Agropark Climat

social cleantech entrepreneur

Agropark, yes we create:


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                                  READ MORE> St Exupery: are reponsable for the Planet ( en francais and english)


Marketplace Development:  The MyP4 Community Kiosk

The introduction of energy efficient multi-power or solar based Eco-Lightbulb systems needs Education for local Jobs, Final assembly line, Service.  First time African student engineers design for Africa, or South-America students for MyP4 power and water Kiosk, depending on local needs and service of simplified products. The revolutionary Social Cleantech development by Team Agropark drags local intelligence in  the toolbar to where you'd like it to appear on the World Cleantech page.

Green economy to fight poverty and climate change.

Begin here: energy Capital enables social production licensing.

The roll-out of the Smart grid and Green Building worldwide

Social cleantech Entrepreneur 

in France not easy.....


"D'abord, ils vous ignorent, ensuite, 

ils se moquent de vous, ensuite ils vous 

combattent et enfin, vous gagnez" (Gandhi)