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Electronet Lighting Africa and Island Electrobox

RECYCLO SOLAR Electrobox 230 V lighting
Final Assembly Africa of premanufactured completley 
knocked down kits,

Prewiring, soldering cables and connectors
Assembly housing, source houshold switches

2008: EU Nice, London, Accra Ghana, Togo first tests
2009:     100 pcs Electrobox
2010:  10 000 pcs Electrobox / year Final assembly 
        1 000 kits DrLight portable to ship by air 
2011:  70 000 pcs Electrobox
      180 000 pcs DrLight

Actor: Alliance Consortium "Lighting Africa & Islands"

Lighting Africa Commitment

O Enhance human and institutional capacity in the design 
  and delivery of improved lighting products &  services
O Undertake activities with other Lighting Africa 
  partners as appropriate.
O Promote quality market creation, including durable, 
  long-life products; maximize energy efficiency, 
  minimize material waste in production and packaging; 
  avoid/minimize use of toxic materials while providing 
  means for collection/recycling such materials
  (e.g., batteries); make spare parts and repair services; 
  and consider adoption of a Lighting Africa "quality" 
  mark to describe, differentiate and designate product 


  Who Should Participate in Lighting Africa and Why ?

O International Lighting Manufacturers/Assemblers:
  diversify products for off-grid lighting solutions
O Local Distributors/Service Providers:
  existing networks with new products into new markets
O Governments:
  deliver rapidly lighting services to unelectrified 
  rural areas
O Donors:
  support innovative large scale & public private  
  energy solutions
O NGO's:
  Lighting Africa is searching for experienced and 
  qualified NGO's to support project implementation.
O Financial Institutions:


  Lighting Africa seeks to create innovative business 
  models to deliver modern lighting to unelectrified 
  rural areas, and is lookign for financial institutions, 
  microfinance institutions, and investors to serve as 

  As a Lighting Africa partner I support this principles