What kind of project?
Environment is for most of the people planting trees and selecting paper, glas, etc. Very respectful, if people are really taking care of this (in northern european countries people do this already since more than 10 years!), but this alone will not help to save this planet.
Coupled with the acquisition and research we made over the past 15 years, we think "The Time is Ripe" to start our Project "AGROPARK CLIMATE" under socio-economic aspects: EVE - a Fuel Cell Economy.
How we can help our planet - and how we can create work for us and our children? Because: No Work = No Money = No Food = No Home = Violence = War = Pollution = Ozone Hole = END? ...
How to survive? "AGROPARK CLIMATE" will create a integrated Infra- structure Pilot project: ECO Maison/Communication/Agriculture/Energy/ Transport. The later Export and Implantation of the project in countries like North Africa, Middle East, Desert and Brazil is possible.
The long and complicated way to realize such an important project maybe considered. We are looking to find people who help us financially to realize this project. Many public financial instruments are available, but during the starting phase to time consuming to activate and have to be considered available for a later time. Direct help with contracts and Donations are necessary and welcome!
We are delighted to offer you an opportunity for the 21st century.
Come and join us - take action to save our planet by the Realisation of this Integrated Infrastructure Pilot Project in Europe.

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